Hi, I’m Peter Cho, a design leader and designer based in San Francisco. I work as Head of Design at Pocket, where we help people connect with articles, videos, and pages worthy of their time and attention. Prior to Pocket, I worked at Medium, focusing was on creator tools and subscriptions, and on the Google Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) team as the head of user experience for Project Ara. From 2009 to 2015, I was VP of Design at Inkling, leading design for a new breed of digital publishing and content delivery tools.

You can find my experiments in type, motion, and form on my site Typotopo.

I’ve worked as a design educator, teaching information design, typography, animation, and web media courses at UCLA, Art Center, and CalArts. I received an MFA from the UCLA Design | Media Arts department in 2005 and an MS from the MIT Media Laboratory in 1999.

close_to_you_cloudAn illustration I created appeared in the New York Times Magazine in 2008